About Us

We love Cricket. We happen to love technology as well. While combining the two, we think of ipllivescores.in  as an entertainment platform for all cricket lovers.

is ipllivescores.in  #1 Fantasy Cricket in the world. ipllivescores.in  is the only platform offering all  kinds of fantasy of Cricket
Since its inception in 2016, ipllivescores.in  has became the home of fantasy cricket. ipllivescores.in  is proud to be the only fantasy platform in the world offering news based on fantasy cricket “OMG – First Orkut, then Facebook and now ipllivescores.in  – I am super addicted to it” – such testimonial from our user motivates us to make the platform more awesome every single day.

Fantasy Sport is an online game where you create a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real life matches.
Fantasy cricket is considered game of skill, not game of luck. Thus it is considered legal (not gambling) in India and most part of the world.

Key Features

1. Players’ news, research, score projection and form updates
2. Expert’s Advise

As long as Cricketers  Play, You Win !!

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